What is the Cycle to Work Scheme?

Introduced in 1999 as part of the Green Transport Plan, the Cycle to Work scheme is, very simply, a tax-break that allows PAYE (pay as your earn) individuals to buy a bike through a simple salary sacrifice arrangement. 

The scheme covers almost any type of bike (provided it falls under £1,000) and also extends to include accessories such as clothing, lights, locks and safety equipment. 

As a result, employees stand to save at least 32%-42% (depending on tax banding).

What can I buy?

Any Freddie Grubb bicycle. The Cycle to Work scheme doesn’t just make buying a bike more affordable, it extends to accessories too. Anything from clothing, lights, locks and almost any other piece of kit needed - provided it is mainly for commuting to and from work. 

How does It Work?

- Choose your bike and accessories at our London store or online

- We provide you with a quote for your employer to approve / pay

- Collect your new Freddie Grubb bike and accessories


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