A 2-speed city bike with automatic hub gears


The Effra is Freddie Grubb's new step-through automatic 2-speed city bike. The internal gear hub features a centrifugal clutch which changes gear for you based on your speed - allowing more time to focus on the road and enjoy the ride.

As with all of the Freddie Grubb bicycle models - you can choose from the Porteur or Swept handlebars and select matching leather saddle and grips from four custom leather colours. Freddie Grubb also provide a selection of 8 stylish paint colours for the Effra bicycle frame and forks. 

All Freddie Grubb bikes have been designed to be easily fitted with mudguards, racks and baskets.

Price: £799

Bicycle specifications

Size: 46 / 50 / 54 cm
Frame: Double-butted CroMo, custom tubing configurations
Frame Details: Internal brake and gear routing
Fork: True Temper CroMo, custom Freddie Grubb cast fork crown, rack and fender eyelets
Headset: Tange Seiki, Passage (SE32 DX) - Polished alloy, 1”
Handlebar: FG Porteur. Alloy, 55º backsweep, Rise 110, 540mm (w), 25.4mm bore
Grips: FG Leather with FG alloy grip clamps, 130/90mm
Stem: FG Polished alloy, 1 1/8”, +/6º rise
Brakes: Dia Compe, BRS101
Brake Levers: Tektro, FL750
Shifters: n/a
Crankset: Andel, RSC7-7172. 48T
Bottom Bracket: Tange Seiki, LN 3922
Chain: KMC, Z510HX
Front Hub: Formula TH-50, seal bearing
Rear Hub: Sram, Automatix. Cog 18/21/24 T
Tyres: Dia Compe, Ene Ciclo. Brown/Beige 700 x 28C
Pedals: Aluminum, toe-clip compatible
Saddle: Freddie Grubb Women's leather saddle with silver rails and rivets
Seatpost: Polished alloy, 27.2mm x 350mm
Cabling: Jagwire Brake/Gear

Made to order in South London

Each Freddie Grubb bicycle is built with care and precision, one at a time, by our expert mechanic. Rigorous attention to detail, combined with the use of premium components means that we can feel confident that each bicycle leaving the Freddie Grubb workshop is of the highest quality.

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What is the lead-time after ordering?

If we have your frame in the correct size and colour we aim to assemble your bike in 2 weeks. Add on another week if we need to get the frame painted - fortunately the powder coaters just a mile down the road from our workshop. 

What is internal cable routing?

All Freddie Grubb bicycles have internal cable routing - i.e. the brake and gear cables are routed through the frame. Often overlooked by some more the mainstream manufacturers, internal cable routing keeps the cables hidden from the eye and avoids using ugly eyelets or clips - often an afterthought. It’s also means you’re less likely to catch or damage the cable. It’s all about the details. 

Why are Freddie Grubb bicycles built with steel frames?

Steel is the most suitable material for building a bike frame suitable for city cycling - Nothing quite rides like steel. Our frames are handmade using double butted Cr-Mo steel which delivers superior comfort to other materials (aluminium, titanium and carbon). Steel has a natural flex that will dampen vibrations from the road. It also had remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and durability, making our bicycles perfect to load up with cargo when touring or commuting. 

How do you paint your bikes?

Freddie Grubb frames are powder coated rather then wet painted. This is a slightly thicker and more durable finish which, looked after, your steel frame will last and still look great in 30+ years time. 

Why are Freddie Grubb bicycles built with internal gear hubs?

German engineered Sram hub gears on the Freddie Grubb bicycles provide consistently smooth gear shifting and compliment the sleek design of the bicycle by concealing components and protecting mechanisms from water and grit, whilst maintaining the bicycle’s distinctive slim profile. This meticulous attention to detail encapsulates the commitment to design, comfort and safety. 

The 2-speed Fleet and Effra bicycles feature the Sram Automatix hub with its neat centrifugal clutch, which will change gear automatically based on your speed - a fantastic system for riding around town. For hillier ground the Ravensbourne and Walbrook have the nifty Sram i-MOTION 3 speed with an easy twist shift mechanism for changing gear. 

Can I select a custom colour?

Yes, our frames are painted locally so we can produce your bicycle in almost any colour you want. We can provide pricing on request. 

How do I break in the leather Freddie Grubb saddle?

All leather saddles are very firm when they are new, and depending on the part of the hide the leather was cut from, can vary in thickness. The leather can take hundreds of miles to soften up, but once it does it will have conformed to your unique anatomy and quite possibly be the most comfortable saddle you have ever ridden.

Every few hundred miles give the bold at the nose of the saddle 1-2 turns to maintain tension in the leather. Most importantly you need to remember is to apply leather conditioner or wax - especially if your saddle frequently gets wet. It’s important the leather doesn’t dry out. 

The seat post has a micro-adjustable head. This allows you to make minor adjustments to the angle of your saddle and also allows you to move it forward and back. 

Be patient. Like any decent leather armchair your saddle will get more comfortable over time.

My bicycle was stolen, how can I get my serial number?

Bicycles bought directly from Freddie Grubb will have their serial numbers logged before we hand them over to you. We also recommend making a note of it for your own records. Your serial number can be found on the bottom bracket.