Simple, practical and quality city bikes, made for you. With Freddie Grubb - it’s all in the detail. Designed and built in London, the bicycles combine hand-made frames with quality components. A contemporary interpretation of the traditional town bike. 


Simple, modern bikes with
classic charm

Freddie Grubb believe that cyclists shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or comfort for a bicycle that looks great. Whether it be a weekend trip to a market or during an everyday commute - Freddie Grubb bicycles will get you where you need to be in style.



Comfortable to ride and easy to maintain

Tailor-made for city cycling, each Freddie Grubb model has Porteur handlebars, allowing the rider to maintain an upright posture, enabling command of the road with responsive handling.

The combination of quality components and completely sealed hub gears means that our bike require low to no maintenance. All you have to do is keep the tyres pumped up.

Freddie-Grubb-City-Bike-London (1).jpg


Stronger, lighter, faster

Nothing quite rides like steel. Our frames are handmade using double butted Cr-Mo steel which delivers superior comfort to other materials (aluminium, titanium and carbon).

Steel has a natural flex that will dampen vibrations from the road. It also had remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and durability, making our bicycles perfect to load up with cargo when touring or commuting.



Internal hubs for slick and reliable gears.

Sturmey Archer and Shimano Alfine hub gears on the Freddie Grubb bicycles provide consistently smooth gear shifting and compliment the sleek design of the bicycle by concealing components and protecting mechanisms from water and grit, whilst maintaining the bicycle’s distinctive slim profile. This meticulous attention to detail encapsulates the commitment to design, comfort and safety. 


Available to buy with a host of accessories

Each bike can be modified with a range of bicycle accessories available as product add-ons. Our bikes come fitted with high end aluminium mudguards but lights, locks, bells and baskets & racks can be added to your order and we'll fit them before sending. 


Bicycle Accessories