Where do we paint our custom frames?

We're a London based brand and keen to use local partners as much as possible in the manufacturing process of our bikes - it means we can keep a close eye on the quality, be flexible in our approach, and best of all - makes us happy to be supporting local industry. 


So... where do we paint our frames? We paint them in Peckham at Purpose Powder Coatings Ltd.

Each custom Freddie Grubb frame is powder coated rather than wet painted. This provides a thicker and more durable finish which, when looked after, means your steel frame will last and still look great in 30+ years time.

It's a simple and very effective way of painting steel frames as 95% of the powdered spray paint actually ends up on the frame due to its electrostatic application. The high voltage electrostatic charge on both the frames and the spray gun mean that the paint wraps around the frame with minimal waste giving it a perfectly even finish. 

The frames then go into an oven where they are cured under heat to allow the paint to flow and form the high-end "skin" that gives the Freddie Grubb frame its distinctive look and hard-wearing quality. 

If you're after a custom colour for your bike frame then get in touch, we can do one-off colours for an extra fee - price available on request. Take a look at our bike collection here and check our Instagram for more inspiration and images of the finished product.

Freddie Grubb