Today marks the debut Journal post in our new Freddie Grubb Focus series. Over the following weeks, months and even years, we will be bringing into focus some of the brands we think you should be keeping an eye on. Our first instalment sees INSTRMNT in the limelight.

Founded by product designer Pete Sunderland and graphic designer Ross Baynham, INSTRMRNT is a Glasgow based design studio focussing on simple, utilitarian design for high quality minimalist products.

Due to their early watch fanaticism and passion for design, it was a simple decision for the duo to embark on designing a watch as their primary product. The Glasgow Caledonian University graduates explain "When we were studying we used to discuss watches all the time, but there was always something we wanted to change.” After gaining several years experience in the design industry, it seemed the right time to pull together and focus their efforts on setting up an independent brand and designing a watch. "Instrmnt 01 really did come from us saying: 'I love this watch but I hate X about it', so it was almost selfish," Baynham says. "We thought: 'we’re designers, we love watches, why don’t we make the watch that we want to wear? Why don’t we make the watch that is perfect for us?'"

The aptly named INSTRMNT 01 (pictured above) takes influence from the industrial design of the mid-20th century and was designed quickly thanks to the duo's shared views on the aesthetic. "It comes from amp meters, volt meters and their dials," said Baynham. "We love them and collect them. The watch comes 'exploded' so you get pins, the casing, strap parts and a tool, which are nicely laid out. It's like an instrument that you put together." 

The beautiful INSTRMNT 01 pairs high quality Swiss components with minimalist design and is available in a gunmetal casing and tan leather strap; a brushed rose-gold casing and brown strap; a brushed black casing with black strap and a brushed silver casing with black strap.

Having launched in September 2014, they are still in their infancy but have already been spreading their wings well beyond our shores with specially selected stockists selling their watches in the US, Europe and in the UK. 

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