Due to its popularity, one of the design highlights from our London Design Festival exhibition has now been made a permanent feature in the Freddie Grubb store, so here’s a little more about Vifa and what they do.

Having made speaker components since the early 1930’s, Vifa have a proud heritage and a wealth of experience to match. They recently relaunched as a new global audio brand with the intention of bringing their expertise into homes across the world. Respect for materials, for details and for the music is the keynote in the design of their new range of loudspeakers. 

The Nordic design is reflected in its simple, organic lines and the choice of textile. Contrasts interplay with each other; the warm, rough ‘look and feel’ of the textile against the smooth, matte polished aluminium frame. The discretely embossed logo and embroidered volume buttons complement the understated look of the speakers. 

Besides aesthetic though, the thing we most appreciate about them here at Freddie Grubb is that they match form with function. It’s not just about the way they look; the quality of the sound they produce does justice to the music being played. A true love of music paired with experience and a drive for authentic sound have earned Vifa a place in the competitive loudspeaker market and they have earned a couple design awards along the way.

Vifa’s Copenhagen (£549), Helsinki (£299) and Oslo (£399) bluetooth loudspeakers are now on sale online and at our Amwell Street store.