This instalment of the Freddie Grubb Focus series features an exciting newcomer to our local Amwell Street, Country of Origin. Their new store and workshop comfortably nestles in to the Georgian parade and it's easy to see why it belongs. There is a clear emphasis on quality and craftsmanship being shared by the independent shops on this street, with made to order knitwear being the latest on offer.

Country of Origin is the brainchild of Alice Liptrot and Ben Taylor. With a passion for Britain’s industrial heritage their collection is created on hand-powered machinery, built over 100 years ago. You can see the impressive machinery for yourself in their store window, they use it to manufacture small batches of their hand-framed knitwear and provide workshops for people interested in learning about traditional manufacturing techniques. 

With a focus on bespoke services, their customers can choose from a range of shades, sizes and shapes that are made to order in store. Once an order is placed the garments are ready 3-5 days later. They also have an off the peg collection from Country of Origin’s Scottish workshop, using the same traditional method of hand-frame manufacture. 

"With high grade lambswool, modernist colour palettes and structural integrity, our garments are designed for the long haul." Ben Taylor, Creative Director

Country of Origin are well worth a visit, and as they're just a few doors down from us, why not come and say hi to the Freddie Grubb team whilst you're at it! 

Country of Origin