Developed in collaboration with London based estate agency The Modern House, we have teamed up to create a stylish human powered alternative to the carbon-emitting and traffic-clogging estate agents car.

Freddie Grubb x The Modern House low res (8).jpg

The Modern House x Freddie Grubb’s bike is a custom build of their three-speed Walbrook model, which was spec’d to fulfil the needs of The Modern House staff. Adding the Porteur Front Rack so that the team can carry brochures and documents to meetings, the top tube was also given a hand-stitched leather frame wrap, embossed with our logo, with handlebars to match. Leather being a natural material, we’re looking forward to seeing how use and time impress the frame wrap with a worn, tactile quality, much like stone or wood picks up in a home.

Read more about the collaboration on The Modern House’s journal.


Interested in your own Freddie Grubb x Modern House bike?

These were a limited edition build but if you're interested in getting something similar then get in touch. We can quote custom builds on request.